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1. BlayneFox 
Holy crap, what gorgeous, detailed artwork! Apparently, this artist works with the Discovery company, and I can totally see why! The amazing, crisp lines allow for every piece to have a spectacular amount of detail, even their sketches. Their shading and lighting abilities are also A+, with some lines or stark contrast used perfectly! Go give them a look!
Helicoprion Concept 3 by BlayneFox You'll Do It For Her by BlayneFox Bucky Barnes Sketch by BlayneFox

2. crowdraw 
God, I love me a Pokemon artist. But they draw other things too, and it makes their gallery a real treat for browsing through! Not only do they draw Pokemon, but they give their Pokemon such characters, and I love it. The rapidash with gorgeous renaissance attire, the lovely little turtle with a baby face and a cute necklace... I just love it!
Renn Faire! by crowdrawHackney by crowdraw Dragonborn by crowdraw

3. hookaksoo 
My goodness, this artist's work is not only diverse, with awesome landscapes to sci-fi robots one would expect to see in movies, but totally professional! Their works are the things I would love to see on book covers, movie posters... Anything like that! Every landscape begs for some sort of story to happen there, each with it's own unique tale! 
Red pinup by hookaksoo Bridge by hookaksoo Type Rabbit battle robot by hookaksoo

4. kounya 
I may not be a huge Dragonball fan, I still really enjoy this's artist's work! I mean, look at it. The use of color is sometimes subtle, but so well placed that it just blends in with the rest of the artwork. They d a lovely job with anatomy and poses, making them seem natural and effortless! Their artwork is totally worth checking out!

[stream] DBZ - last of me by kounya commission :: lazys3x by kounyadbz - idk by kounya

5. missambrosia 
I admit, as a Disney fan, I love this artist's style. It's not exactly Disney, but it still has the charm of the style! That and I adore mermaids and fashion illustrations... It's everything I like! Their designs of female Disney villains are totally on point, as well as how they draw hair. It's so smooth, and it flows like water. It's really wonderful!
Elsa by missambrosia Couture Ursula by missambrosiaMermaid by missambrosia

Mexico Vacation Ramblings:

The short of it was that Mexico was AMAZING. I got to spend lots of wonderful quality time with my mom, tried new things, and had lots of amazing experiences! I'm not gonna actually write down everything that I jotted down about the day-to-day events of the trip, but I will summarize what happened! Every linked picture is something either I took. You'll be able to tell. So, enjoy!

Day One: Arriving in Puerto Vallarta:
The night before, we drove to the hotel right next to the airport we would be flying out of. Cause our flight was at 8 in the morning, and there was no way we were driving the two hours to get up there so early in the morning. Luckily, though, we went to bed at a decent hour and felt A-okay waking up early the next morning! Even better, security was a breeze and we made it to our connecting flight on time. On the way out, people selling timeshares gave us a bit of trouble by using their con-artist skills... But once we arrived in Puerto Vallarta and got to our hotel... man, it was paradise! After unpacking and eating dinner at the on-site Mediterranean restaurant (everything was all-inclusive, so we didn't have to pay for the meal), we hit the beach! I tried my first alcoholic drinks, Including a Pina Colada, laid on the fancy beds that you see in Sandal's commercials, and then went to a rather corny show about Mexican dancing. Overall, a good but tiring day!

Day Two: Relaxing and Planning:
Ahhh, it was nice to have a day that seemed so laid back. We woke up, ate breakfast at the buffet, and then went to plan what we would do for the rest of the trip! The one thing I did find that was amusing, however, was that Mexico's relationship with time is a lot different from mine. How I see things is that "Early is on time, and on time is late." For them, it was "Early is insane, on time is early, and late is on time." So basically, lunch opened at 1 in the afternoon, and we didn't know what to do. So, we watched the first Lord of the Rings! After lunch, we had to walk to the nearby bank to get pesos from our USD. We got lost, and then we forgot our passports. More walking in the heat, woo! But, we got to explore the city and see what it was like, so I can't complain! ... And then there was the bar before dinner. I ended up drinking a mojito and a "crazy monkey" (Kahlua, milk, banana and coconut liqueur blended in ice) and slowly began to just giggle at everything and feel loose all over... I had gotten tipsy! It faded away with dinner, but sheesh it felt weird. Now I can say I've had alcohol and gotten a little drunk, though! 

Day Three: Authentic Mexico Tour
Gotta start bright and early today, so we can make it to our tour! It was called "Off Road Adventures", and they weren't kidding! But before we went to the jungles of Mexico, we went to a small village called San Jose de Riveria, translated to "Saint Joseph of the River". We started off by seeing a real tortilla factory, where they made tortillas out of only corn and water. Then, to the jungle! It was fun hiking through it all, and I got to try something called an oil coconut. The orange flesh tasted like cooked sweet potato, which is odd! Then, to making our homemade tortillas from corn flour and making tacos from them! They were DELICIOUS, to say the very least! And then, we went to our last stop for the day, a private beach to have an amazing lunch. After, we wandered around and saw art made from driftwood, tucked away where most couldn't see! Once we got back and had dinner, we went to watch the Mexican sunset over the Pacific, which was the best way to end that day that I could have asked for. 

Day Four: Long Boat Rides and Jellyfish
Another bright and early day for my mother and I. This time, for a tour by boat to the beaches of Yelapa, and a stop on the way where we get to snorkel. Before we went snorkeling, we saw Los Arcos, a rock formation where birds made nests far from where people could reach them. During the snorkeling part of the excursion, it started out as a really fun experience! The water was clear and blue as sapphire, and I got to hold some little animals like a brittle starfish and a pink flowering sea urchin. But then the current picked up a little bit. It didn't really register too much at first that it was happening, and then I felt a nasty burning sensation down my arm. Other people yelled out too, and the alarm was sounded. Jellyfish had swarmed the area! Once I got out and dry, I looked down to see that my arm was covered in red, swollen patches. It burned like heck, but as the day went on, it slowly recovered. Next was Yelapa. It's a colorful village only accessible by boat, but it held some fun pathways and a little secret. A gorgeous waterfall that you could swim in the base of! It was so refreshing and cool, the perfect way to end the day. We then went to the room and watched more movies. Cause why not. 

Day Five: The Boardwalk and Rhythms of the Night
God bless, we didn't have to wake up early. So instead of rushing to breakfast and off to a tour, we went to the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk! The most interesting thing there was the art dotted along the way! There were impressive sand castles and statues all across the way. We did a little bit of shopping, but before too long it got too hot to stay out, so we headed back to the hotel to get some lunch, and hang around before going for our last big thing of the trip... Rhythyms of the Night. But, before we even go on the boat, you could take a picture with a sea lion... I couldn't resist. But, after the boat ride, the island we were greeted with was mysterious and tribal. There were torches along the path, and there were lots of interesting characters along the way. Even when we sat for the show, actors from the show popped up from nowhere! The show itself was outdoors, and was like Cirque Du Soleil gone Aztec. There was dancing, fire acrobatics... my jaw was hanging open half of the time! Afterwards, before heading home, we had a candle-lit dinner that was to die for. Then, the boat ride home before crashing to bed once again. 

Day Six: Heading Home
Alas, it was time to say goodbye to Mexico. We slept in again (god it was nice), packed up our things, and enjoyed a drink by the beach before we went to the airport. Everything went just fine, and while we had a long layover in Phoenix, my mom and I watched Top Gun while we waited. A+ movie by the way. We arrived shortly after midnight, and finally got home at 3 AM, where we thusly CRASHED. I woke up the next morning at lunchtime.
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